Welcome to Amtrex.

For over 23 years, Amtrex has been helping industries across North America by providing innovative systems and processes for parts cleaning and surface finishing.

At Amtrex, we devote our best efforts to help you reach your objectives. We consider that expertise in parts cleaning is only a tool. The cumulative experiences we have gained from applications in a variety of industries help us understand your business in the realities of the production lines.


Amtrex comprehensive range of cleaning equipment and related services represent the latest from a variety of emerging technologies. This approach enables us to assist you through the entire scope of your parts cleaning applications. This also supports your efforts to achieve higher levels of productivity, safety and enhanced competitive position.


Among the technologies and integration skills, we offer:


Ultrasonic Cleaners                                          

Flood-Spray Parts Washers     

Turntable and Tunnel Washers

Manual Parts Cleaning Station

In-Line, Single-Part Flow                                   

Closed-Loop Vapor Degreasers

Parts Dryers Hot Air and Vacuum Technologies
Safe, Precision Cleaning Detergents

Waste Wash Water Management: Filtration and llllSeparation

Robotics Programmable Material Flow and Handling

Process Optimization. Study. Implementation. Training

Cell / Lean Manufacturing Applied to Cleaning